Project title: Equipping prisons and detention centers in the south and raising legal and health awareness


Date: 2015-2016

Location: south Lebanon

Duration: 11 months


-       Support and enhance the imprisonment conditions for inmates in south prisons

-       Enhance the status of the detention centers and create suitable WASH standards

-       Raise legal and health awareness for inmates and ISF for better processing of files


Project title: Equipping prisons in south Lebanon


Date: 2016

Location: south Lebanon

Duration: 6 months


 Support and upgrade the imprisonment conditions of inmates in the prisons of south Lebanon


 Project title: Strengthening the Independence of the Judiciary and Citizen Access to justice through enhancing the organizational system of Nabatiye and South Courts, South Lebanon

Donor: Friedrich Ebert

Date: 2011

Duration: 6 months



1-      Strengthen the role of local authorities in the area.

2-      Enhance the judicial system.

3-      Enhance conditions of human rights and easy access to justice

4-      Raise the capacities of administrative staff in the courts


Project title: Support the juridical system and ensure effective and easy access to justice

Funder: SHEILD

Date: 2016

Location: Nabatiye province

Duration: 6 months


-       To ensure easy and effective files processing for detainees and prosecuted inmates

-       Equip the palace of justice courts of Nabatiye with cameras

-       Computerize the administrative processes

-       Rehabilitate facilities to create suitable work environment for staff 


Sheild E-Unit

Emergency Unit SHEILD is created to strengthen the orginization's capacity to respond to emergencies. This Unit responds to the humanitarian needs of populations affected by natural disasters ad armed conflicts and provides emergency assistance all over South Lebanon.

Sheild's Research Unit

SHEILD’s Research Department works on providing accurate scientific data and studies that could consolidate the organization’s academic concept through the ongoing projects and activities.