SHEILD “Social, Humanitarian, Economical Intervention for Local Development” is a Lebanese national NGO formed and established in 2010 by Lebanese members and is legally registered with the Lebanese Ministry of Interior and Municipalities (MoIM) under decree number 1680 of October 5, 2010 which was amended to decree number 1739 dated October 24, 2011. Formed by a group of Lebanese activists in the humanitarian and recovery field since the 2006 Lebanon war, SHEILD was meant to be a NGO bringing relief and assistance to the most vulnerable community categories and groups and to those marginalized due to bad governmental policies and neglect in South Lebanon.

Since 2010, SHEILD has been intervening in three main fields, including derivative and related activities. SHEILD is very active in the domains of livelihood and development, protection and emergency aid and relief; it provides direct assistance in terms of protection, food allocations and other commodities especially for Syrian refugees and those affected by the Syrian crisis. Moreover, SHEILD is fully involved in the prisons and the juridical sector. Based on the main intervention areas, SHEILD has been working since 2010, and is still working, in partnership with a wide range of international donors and partners, implementing over 20 large, medium and small scale programs and projects.

Since 2010, SHEILD has been widely active in the fields of livelihood and of economic development; it targeted hundreds of unemployed, low income and destitute groups of Lebanese households and individuals through specially tailored programs and interventions including capacity building and vocational trainings, grants for business start-ups, conditional grants, paid internships, assisted recruitment, supply of toolkits and other methods involving support for MSMEs and cooperatives existing in the intervention areas. SHEILD adopted a value chain strategy in its livelihood programs to achieve maximum benefit and selected its beneficiaries based on previously set criteria, raising necessity and commitment as top priorities and assisting women towards economic empowerment and equality in terms of income generation as a main focus.

In the course of its livelihood programs, SHEILD targeted the most neglected groups including vulnerable women, inmates’ families and ex-inmates, helping reintegrate these categories in the community through an economic empowerment perspective.

SHEILD was one of the first NGOs to point out the presence of significant numbers of Syrian refugees in South Lebanon and which was detected through the permanent and effective presence of SHEILD staff in field and based on an effective coordination and outreach system operated by SHEILD. Accordingly, SHEILD was one of the first NGOs to intervene by providing assistance to the newcomer refugees all over the South through partnerships with WFP and UNHCR since 2012 and up to this date. These partnerships enabled SHEILD to assess and support tens of thousands of newcomer refugees’ families, by supplying them with food and non-food items, assisting in the registration of thousands of families, offering protection services of all kinds to thousands of registered and unregistered refugees in South Lebanon and monitoring and evaluating the food assistance program which targets thousands of extremely vulnerable refugees in the entire South.”

This active, effective and rapid intervention led to wider range of partnerships between SHEILD and other international donors for the assistance of refugees, host communities and those affected directly or indirectly by the crisis, these donors and partners include: OCHA, MERCYCORPS-ECHO & UNFPA which widened the range of services offered by SHEILD to reach the unregistered and unwilling to register by NFIs and shelter repairs as well as targeting Syrian and Lebanese women with psychosocial support and life skills trainings. Since 2012, SHEILD reached and assisted tens of thousands of refugees in the south of Lebanon in many ways

In parallel with the above programs, SHEILD was and still a partner for UNHCR in the south for fostering and strengthening protection initiatives for Syrian refugees in south Lebanon reaching out to tens of thousands of beneficiaries and offering wide range of protection services and approaches including protection monitoring and reporting, life skills activities in social development centers, managing and operating refugees committees, households targeting visits, referring, in addition to running and managing a community center in Jwaya village for refugees and Lebanese offering a range of activities and vocational trainings in addition to counseling, awareness sessions, capacity building and other activities. SHEILD also had and still a significant partnership with the World Food Program (WFP) since 2013 which resulted in assisting tens of thousands of newcomers with food parcels, and was a partner for WFP in the targeting program for the regular food assistance for Syrian refugees assessing hundreds of cases. Lately, SHEILD was and still the main partner for WFP in the E-card M&E program implementing different kinds of monitoring and evaluation, targeting and distribution activities related to regular food assistance program.

During the past years, SHEILD was active in the juridical and prisons sector empowering easy access to justice and promoting good governance. In this domain, SHEILD has completely or partially rehabilitated and equipped all the prisons and detention centers in the south of Lebanon as well as offered legal assistance to inmates in these prisons. Not only legal assistance the inmates did get but also legal and health awareness programs helping in improving the conditions of imprisonment. SHEILD completed its work inside prisons by working outside with the courts in which SHEILD computerized some courts and conducted administrative capacity building programs for courts staff to be able to process files in an effective and organized approach which led to facilitating prosecutions in many cases.