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SHEILD’s work with prisoners is very important. SHEILD provides the materials and designs for prisoners to work with. They are compensated for their labor and those who are about to be released have the opportunity to be helped to make the transition. This process benefits both of them: prisoners make extra cash and SHEILD sells these beautiful items to raise funds that are returned to the larger community that SHEILD helps and serves. The prison environment is harsh. Just hearing about love and compassion brings happiness to their minds.

Buying these lovely items also enhances SHEILD’s abilityto introduce different channels to raise funds for the benefit of the communities it targets and helps.

Sheild E-Unit

Emergency Unit SHEILD is created to strengthen the orginization's capacity to respond to emergencies. This Unit responds to the humanitarian needs of populations affected by natural disasters ad armed conflicts and provides emergency assistance all over South Lebanon.

Sheild's Research Unit

SHEILD’s Research Department works on providing accurate scientific data and studies that could consolidate the organization’s academic concept through the ongoing projects and activities.