The projects of SHEILD are supported by a Board of Trustees comprised of people representing the various aspects of our activities and provide strategic, financial, and human resources oversight elected by the general assembly which is formed by the association members who are not necessarily employees or collaborators.

SHEILD’s administrative approach is participatory and involves a management committee: decisions are shared among all colleagues. The management committee is formed by the reference points that embody SHEILD activities in Lebanon: the president, the executive director, the general coordinator, the program manager and project managers. The same participatory approach is followed with the four field officers regarding the decisions to be taken. But the final decision is for the committee which meets weekly or when needed.​

SHEILD’s Board of Trustees presently has the following people in the following positions:

1-    Board president: Samer Haydar

2-    Vice-president: Ghenwa Harb

3-    ​Secretary:  Hassan Awada

4-    Treasury keeper: Ali Halawi

5-    Accountant: Rima Ramadan

6-    Consultant: Sara Elhassrouny

The Management Committee presently has the following people in the following positions:

1-    Board president: Samer Haydar

2-    Executive Director: Ayman El-Roz

3-    ​General Coordinator: Gassan Haydar

4-    Program manager: Sara Elhassrouny

5-    Project manager: Ali Krayker




SHEILD owes a great deal of its establishment and progress to one of its main founders who is Mr. Ashraf Noureldin and who was deceased by a car accident in 2013. Ashraf was the most dedicated, energetic and creative individual SHEILD would ever have and his absence created a deep wound in SHEILD’s body that is still away from being healed after more than three years of the accident.

The gap he left is too big to be closed and it is not related only to SHEILD as much as it is related to the loads of beneficiaries Ashraf used to serve and to the community in general Ashraf used to support. In his work, Ashraf paid no attention to time or effort spent on bringing relief to marginalized people as his only concern was the poor and the needy. Ashraf is the perfect example of a social and humanitarian activist who lost his life in the line of duty and while in the peak of his carrier, he is definitely a model for others anywhere and in any domain, a model for prioritizing community welfare over self or individual interests, a model for neutrality, dedication and sacrifice which made him close to everybody and every context.

SHEILD and through its management and field staff are dedicated to preserve the achievements and legacy of Ashraf, which reached more than 40,000 refugees and hundreds of Lebanese with assistance and support, by continuously working on developing and expanding SHEILD, the entity he served with his life and by doing whatever it takes to reach all those who are in need and poverty and who seek asylum and protection and by doing that only Ashraf can rest in peace.    

Sheild E-Unit

Emergency Unit SHEILD is created to strengthen the orginization's capacity to respond to emergencies. This Unit responds to the humanitarian needs of populations affected by natural disasters ad armed conflicts and provides emergency assistance all over South Lebanon.

Sheild's Research Unit

SHEILD’s Research Department works on providing accurate scientific data and studies that could consolidate the organization’s academic concept through the ongoing projects and activities.